Klarna Store Welcomes H&W | H&W Welcomes Klarna Payments

Klarna Store Welcomes H&W | H&W Welcomes Klarna Payments

Since the beginning, we have always tried to collaborate with like-mined designers, stylists and platforms trying to innovate and support independent brands.

Recently, we partnered with Klarna, a Stockholm based fintech company, launching in Australia, offering in-app shopping experiences, digital payments and now Hills & West featured in their online store!! Klarna have more than 85 million shoppers and over 200,000 retailers worldwide, we are excited to be one of them.

What does this mean for you?

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the financial priorities for many people and businesses – especially shopping for nonessential items like apparel and accessories, and how people pay. To help our customers navigate through these uncertain times, we have also implemented Klarna on our website to provide flexible payment options.

The payment method is straight forward, simply, all you need to do is choose Klarna payment on the checkout page, the first payment will be made on the day of the purchase, then the next three payments will be processed every fortnight. In total, it gives you six-weeks to spread the cost with ZERO interest!

You can also download the Klarna app to discover more Australian brands and enjoy a smooth shopping experience! Klarna has a variety of new features to offer personalised shopping and shopping management for your purchases, payments and deliveries, all in one place. That’s the type of shopping experience we like 🙂

Let us know what you think. We will forever endeavour to offer you ways to improve your shopping experience.

Big love xox


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