When starting Hills & West, one of the important guiding factors was to create a product that was made locally. We wanted our pieces to be handmade in Australia, using the highest quality materials and innovatively crafted with local artisans intertwining my learnings from Italy where I was taught. We are very happy to announce that we have been accepted for the ‘Australian Made’ trademark. This is so important to us as we are avid supporters of local businesses and homegrown products and want to keep these skills and traditions local.

If you don’t already know, Australian made products are aligned with some of the best in the world, and we are so excited to be a part of this proud community. By buying Australian made goods you’re not only supporting local jobs and our economy, you are ensuring for yourself a great buy and an even greater investment. In the fashion industry there has been a giant spike in mass production, dramatically decreasing handmade quality products, and leaving little room for the smaller local maker. So many local handbag makers have had to close down as everyone has been taking their production off shore. We believe that one really good product is infinitely better than one hundred mass-produced ones taken from the assembly line. We work with two gorgeous makers, one since the start in Redfern and one more recently in Roselands.

Our products are the embodiment of four collections. Each with a story.

i)       Morgan

ii)      Everyday

iii)     Traveller

iv)    Chevron

Each Collection is designed and handmade in Australia. Offering stylish, functional, superior leatherwork companions for the modern man and woman. We believe in quality craftsmanship, versatility, minimalism and smart design.

At Hills & West, instead of offering hundreds of items, we design and develop pieces that are each a little bit unique with the premium stamp of handmade. Many of our products come in classic ink black, navy, whiskey, grey and cowhide often with a range of tasteful hardware features to choose from, allowing the shopper to personalise their items. We carefully engineered the voids, zips, slips, and pockets so that you may fit a lot in what looks to be a relatively compact space. This versatility and cohesiveness allows the products to look chic on their own or be collected as a set. With their formal simplicity and understated accents our pieces are refined, clean, minimalist, simple, but most importantly modernist-classicAll designs are made to work well with and transcend every season, occasion and outfit.

Being certified ‘Australian Made’ means our pieces have been manufactured locally to meet high Australian standards and we are just a phone call away. Being made in Australia lets us control the things that are most important to us. To create exceptional pieces that make our team and our customers happy. It also gives us the opportunity to work and collaborate with other talented creatives for a diverse range of pieces centric to needs and interests of the consumer, and not a National sales trend plan.

What is made at Hills & West is a reflection of our values and that’s why it’s important to support local. We aspire to make luxury a bit more attainable through our fair, attainable pricing. From the beginning, our mission has been simple – do what we love, create exceptional affordable pieces and delight people along the way.

Our personal motto, minimalism, function and form… forever.

Big love,

Hills & West team