The Open Door Collective | Bringing Businesses & Locals Together

The Open Door Collective | Bringing Businesses & Locals Together

When Hayden, our talented Gentleman’s Essentials Collection photographer, introduced us to his friend Adam, we were very excited to hear about his latest project, The Open Door Collective.

The Open Door Collective, T.O.D.C, is a platform with the goal of bringing individuals, and their businesses, to light; highlighting their stories, their journey’s, sharing what makes them so great, and where possible, make their products available for purchase, all in the one place. So you can totally understand why we wanted to find out more about his WHY, what drives him and the businesses he is helping support.

He shares the stories behind the brand and provides a platform for brands to connect with customers, making their products and stories more readily accessible and creating a special connection through these uncertain times.

When Covid kicked off, the reality of the struggle businesses were set to face became pretty personal.

We think it is so important to SUPPORT LOCAL through these unprecedented times, so today delve into the backstory of T.O.D.C.

Founder of T.O.D.C, Adam Hunt, supporting local.

Meet Adam

I’m a born and raised Kiwi who moved to Sydney over 7 years ago. I’ve spent much of that time building my career in digital marketing, travelling to places I never thought I’d visit, and enjoying being in such an amazing city!

When Covid kicked off, the reality of the struggle businesses were set to face became pretty personal. My mum’s business back in NZ was forced into temporary closure as the country tried to recover as best it could. I saw how much it affected her in the beginning, and the magnitude of the situation became very clear. 

She was lucky enough that to get the Job Keeper equivalent payments in NZ happened relatively quickly. Many Aussie companies weren’t so lucky. 

As a result I wanted to begin helping in whatever way I could. So I set up an online store to help retailers who couldn’t open shop, sell their products.

This wasn’t enough though, and led to a natural progression of T.O.D.C., to extend help to all local/small businesses, by giving them a voice. I wanted to help them tell their story so that customers really know who they are supporting, why they started their business, what inspires them, providing individuals a reason to show their support (also I’m a bit of a geek and enjoy hearing the journeys of how these people got to where they are today).

T.O.D.C Community

Under the ‘Behind the Brand’ story collection of The Open Door Collective we currently have about 10 businesses set up and ready to tell their stories – these can be found here

Under the ‘Buy the Brand’ section we have on boarded our launch partner Pepi Kids, with others pending their own e-commerce set ups.


For some time now I’ve been wanting to start my own business. I’ve dabbled in a few interest projects, side hustles with mates, but never took the plunge. However, the idea of helping others, work/life freedom, paving my own path, and having control over my own destiny energizes, excites and inspires me to create everyday.

COVID silver linings

Silver linings from covid would be a few of things. 

  • Meeting amazing people, with amazing stories to tell
  • The hastened necessity for businesses to evolve and adopt a digital presence, by virtue setting themselves up well for the future.
  • The levels of resilience we’ve seen from so many amazing small business entrepreneurs out there.
  • The sense of community in Australia and New Zealand. It’s great to see people’s unselfish, and undeniable willingness to support their friends, family, and local businesses in times of crisis! Big ups to everyone for showing up!

If there was one thing in the world you would change

I would change the impact we are having on our planet. Both the effects of Global Warming, and the culling of endangered species are leading to mass extinction, and degradation of our planet. Being more conscious of what we are consuming, and adhering to more sustainable practices will allow us all, and future generations, to live a longer, fuller life.

Join T.O.D.C.

Any brands or small business owners who want their stories told, or products sold online, get in touch, we want to support where we can.

Bonus question… favourite Hills&West

For sure has to be the Gentleman’s Essentials Navy and Black Duffle Bag.

I’m a frequent gymer and I love to travel. Whether it’s for everyday use, a weekend away or something a bit further afield – the practicality is amazing.

Thanks Adam for sharing and we love love love what you are doing to help support brands and small businesses!

Last but definitely not least, check out our Hills & West interview, where I shared the ups and downs of our business journey, how things evolve and how to keep inspired 🙂

Big love

Aisha xox

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