Jamie Azzopardi’s Winter Wishlist | Celebrity Stylist

Jamie Azzopardi’s Winter Wishlist | Celebrity Stylist

With the advent of the colder months, and boy has it become chilly, it’s time to have a winter wardrobe revamp and make sure your wears are ready to keep you nice and cozy.

If you haven’t started your winter wishlist yet, don’t worry, here’s stylist Jamie Azzopardi recommendations. He collated pieces from some of his favourite designers across the globe that you can buy right here in Australia!

Based in Sydney, Jamie has been working in the fashion industry for over 10 years. He styles for campaigns, magazines and fashion brands. Some of his works include styling a campaign for Politix, an Australian menswear brand and as a stylist for some of the AFL‘s most stylish men at the 2019 Brownlow Medal count. Jamie is known for great style and an elevated look always delivered with a smile.

Jamie is a lover of beautifully made products (and Australian made of course) and we have been lucky to collaborate across a few different campaigns including his monthly wishlists and latest project @todaysflatlayis.

Below are just some of his June Wish List suggestions for both men and women:

Denim Nation– A must-have all year round but during winter it’s essential as it looks good and keeps us warm!

Knit Me In It– Winter wears count on wool and knits.

  • Fallen BROKEN Street the Wally beanie
  • Nautica Zip Sailboat Jacquard sweater
  • Madewell autumn tunic pullover
  • Arnhem Gardenia mini dress in powder blue 

Street Styled– when you’re not dressing up it’s an essential part of any wardrobe!

Back to Work Again – The world is ready to go back to the office, even thought it may be temporarily, it’s a thing.

Winter Sides – It’s always about the details so some accessories will help you style your look to perfection, no matter where it is you’re headed.

This time our Gentleman’s Essentials Duffle is among the feature items! The Duffle bag can be a carryall for all your essentials whether you’re heading to the gym or a weekend getaway.

Hills & West Gentleman’s Essentials Duffle $590

Here is a sneak-peak of other items on Jamie’s wish list.

While catching up on wishlists, we thought we would have a chat with Jamie about his style tips, favourite designers, bucket lists and surviving through COVID-19.

Here’s a little bit of Jamie…

I am a stylist with a big love for the arts, I write everyday and fashion was one of my favourite subjects at school.

I am a celebrity fashion stylist, a content creator for many brands and an arts blogger.


I am inspired by lots of different things, they don’t always have to be fashion and often come from pop-culture, music and art itself but right now I am super inspired by people like Lizzo, Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa who are really pushing our idea of what “edgy” art is.

This winter you must…

Dress warm, it’s all about the layers.

Must watch, read and see

Right now, I would say Snowpiercer but I fluctuate a lot in terms of TV & movies.

5 things on the bucket list

See Chernobyl, Travel Europe (again), Live Abroad, Do an African Safari & Make sure I have. Global moment!

How has COVID impacted you?

COVID has been a hard time for everyone, but I think it’s allowed us all to get to do projects we have been putting on the back burner (such as @todaysflatlayis for me) I think it’s also afforded us the time to think, reflect and position ourselves in new and different markets whatever our field is.

Next year you will be…

Living in London, with my husband hopefully doing the same thing and creating art!

Favourite H&W bag

My favourite is that special grey backpack for sure!

Recently he gave us a first-hand tour of Sydney’s very first Kit Kat Chocolatory which is due to open in July. From magical drinks to delectable desserts, it’s the scene only occurs in chocolate lovers’ dream. There, you can let the creative juices flow and create your own chocolate bars!

Thanks Jamie and can’t wait to see next month’s whishlist.

You can follow Jamie on @jamieazzopardi and see his styling work and life recording!

For more male fashion inspo please check out our last interview with the dapper gent behind The Classy Lad.

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