Aspiring to declutter and simplify, Hills & West creates staple collections that caters to the busy lifestyles of the modern man and woman. Each collection offers Australian made, high-quality, unique and versatile leather companions, at attainable prices.

We believe in…

  • Quality and craftsmanship. Using traditional leather techniques and premium quality materials favoured by international luxury brands, this artisan approach ensures quality is never compromised.
  • Function and form. Minimalist, versatile and clean designs are the pillars of the Hills & West brand. Focusing on practical and durable product that complements our everyday lifestyle, every piece is made to be timeless and adaptable. Designed and inspired to cater for everyday use as the cornerstone to the working wardrobe.
  • Attainable luxury. The attributes of the luxury industry are always admired, but often out of reach beyond the one-off investment. Hills & West’s aspirations are achieved through smart design and local craftsmanship. By harnessing the power of online, we can remove the mark ups so often applied by the middlemen, making our bags instantly more accessible.
  • Giving back. As the Dalai Lama says, If we are lucky enough to be living a good life then we should recognise that gift and do something for those people who have less”. Each year through fundraising and donating 10% of our profits we hope to help children around the world gain an education and get that little bit closer to their dreams.

From the very beginning, our mission has been simple – do what we love, create exceptional pieces, inspire and make people happy along the way.

Thanks for your support