Hills & West Styling & Love for Minimalism

Hills & West Styling & Love for Minimalism

This year, along with some new additions to our bag and accessory range, I will be focusing more energy into styling and creating lifestyle accessories for the home.

Why… well besides always loving design, interiors and styling, I was totally inspired after completing the Interior Decoration course at The Coco Republic Design School in Melbourne last August, to take this passion even further. Since then I have been lucky to assist on quite a few shoots for House & Garden and have started working on the Hills & West Interiors offering. More to come soon.

If you love interiors and styling I would highly recommend… the Coco Republic short courses, who have partnered with the nationally recognised Design Centre Enmore. The facilitates and the environment really enhances your creativity and helps kickstart any aspirations you may have for styling and decoration.

So far we have worked on the January and February House & Garden editions, ‘Modern Decorating – modern echo of art deco’ and February ‘How to keep your home organised using 50 fabulous pieces valued under $150’. I love discovering all the different products and solutions out there and forever expanding my knowledge or what is available.

Here is a snapshot of February’s spread.

Hills & West’s ethos is centred around minimalism, functionality, practicality and style. I am constantly striving for self-improvement and learning new skills, something I believe everyone should try and practice. I try and learn/practice one new skill a year and last year it was interior decoration. I am excited where it will take Hills & West.

I love and have a huge appreciation for minimalism, however I can definitely say I do not live minimalism to the extreme. Often people can associate minimalism with the belief that you live with less than 100 items, completely forego capitalism and live and breath it in everything you do. I would personally find this really hard but I do believe in the appreciation of few beautiful, quality, sustainable and timeless objects that spark joy, as Marie Kondo would say. I believe that minimalism is focusing on the things that are important to you and developing a lifestyle that facilitates doing the things you love.

So over the next year we will be expanding our Home range, focusing on products that turn your house into a home and hopefully make your life a little easier and beautiful in the process.

What are you looking for…. we are always open to suggestions, we love to listen to our customers and want to deliver to them the things they want and need.

Shoot us an email and tell us what you’d like to have in your home.

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