‘How to wear’ Hills & West – bucket, backpack and folios

‘How to wear’ Hills & West – bucket, backpack and folios

We pride ourselves on being a label that is all Australian made, season-less and can transcend any occasion. A big part of what inspires our design (what I spend months prototyping and testing) is looking at how we can make each piece timeless and how to design it so it is multifunctional, can be worn in multiple ways, with superior durability. We want our bags to be sustainable, season-less and to become part of your wardrobe staples.


The Lunar Bag

When conceptualising the Lunar Collection, I wanted to create a series of bags that were playful and bags that could be ‘mixed and matched’ across occasions and outfits. By making the folds and straps interchangeable it added both versatility and fun to the collection. Making the straps and top folds detachable, black, white and red, meant that the bags could be worn in up to 8 different colours ways and functions.

The straps were developed with the intent to be mulit-wear within the Lunar Collection, however we shortly discovered that they too could be used with other Hills & West products, such as one of our best sellers, the Bucket Bag.


From the start, with our very first bag, the Morgan 3 in 1 Backpack, giving you options on how to wear and hold was so important. The Morgan continues to thrive and be worn for workbags, uni bags, baby bags and luxe travel bags. Whatever way you wear it, we love hearing how the backpack has become a staple.

And, don’t forget our stylish travel companion ‘The Weekender’. With extended handle to wear over your shoulder, this is the perfect chic accessory to make any journey more pleasing to the eye and shoulder 🙂

Lastly, the Morgan Folio looks exceptionally dapper when styled with a suit. Made to accompany you through meetings at work to dinner with friends. No more creased shirts when carrying under your arm, the handy grip helps you carry with ease.

We will be sure to give you further updates on how to best style and wear your favourite Hills & West pieces. As always, thank you for your support and if you have any ideas on how to make a piece more versatile let us know aisha@hillsandwest.com

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