Sanserié | Melbourne Made | Love Australian Made

Sanserié | Melbourne Made | Love Australian Made

As Melburnians face another lockdown we wanted to help in some way, and thought it would be the perfect time to share some of our favourite Melbourne brands and their backstories.

Today we are introducing you to Sanserié, part of the FAID Store family, and its gorgeous founder Monika Peff, who is very aligned to our vision and brand ethos of artisan traditions and crafting local.

“Rather than design seasonally, we are creating a core collection of staples that women can build their wardrobe around.”

Monika peff, sanserie

Originally from Lithuania, now based in Melbourne, Monika incorporates her Eastern European roots with Australia’s relaxed sensibility to produce garments with timelessness and durability.

With beautiful pieces and an ongoing passion to tie heritage to local, enjoy reading Sanserié‘s Sanserié’s story.

Meet Monika

Well where do I start? I was born in Lithuania and when I was 12 my family migrated to London for a better life and more opportunities. Then I began modelling at the age of 16 and at one point even ran a modelling agency. It was at this time I knew that I wanted to have something of my own.

In 2011 I met my husband who is originally from Australia and things moved quickly between us. So quick that in 2012 I was in Melbourne with a backpack weighing 13kg. At that stage I needed money and so joined the corporate world. I have a love hate relationship working in a non-creative role from Monday to Friday however I can’t complain because it has brought me to where I am now.

Food loves! Anything that’s pickled and of course potatoes. It’s in my eastern European blood.

I love exploring Victoria and getting lost in places as that’s where my creativity thrives the most.

The story of Sanserié

Sanserié was born in my living room on a cold Sunday morning in August 2 years ago. My dream was always to incorporate something to do with my European roots and what a better idea than linen! I grew up surrounded in linen because back then linen was grown and span in Lithuania. I even remember watching my grandmother spin linen into cloths. So starting the Napier collection just felt right.

This is the mission of Sanserié and so for us the key to creating timeless and durable pieces is to use the best materials and to embrace simple, elegant styles that will stand the test of time.

Considered design and sustainability underpin everything Sanserié does. The labels are woven from recycled thread, buttons are made from natural materials such as pearl, swing tags and boxes are 100% recyclable, and all the mailers used are biodegradable. We are committed to producing small batches of quality garments with no overproduction or waste, and in keeping the label as local as possible.

Australian made

In addition to being conscious of the materials we use, taking a considered approach to the manufacturing process is very important to us. I live in Melbourne’s inner-west, so it was an obvious choice to draw on the skills and expertise on offer locally. I work closely with a pattern-maker based in Yarraville and all of our manufacturing is done nearby.

Looking forward…

Our dream is to grow our collection using only organic/sustainable fabrics and be recognised as a ‘go to’ for staples that are stocked in boutiques all around Australia.

Inspiring brands & people

I am inspired by all Australian brands and designers that choose to manufacture in Australia using ethical fabrics. It is not easy to ensure that the whole production line is sustainable, so yes, those brands inspire me on a daily basis

Monika Peff, founder Sanserié

If you could share something with your past self

That starting a business will require a lot of dedication, money and time. Although, I wouldn’t change anything. Also, be ready for a lot of snacks to be eaten while planning and growing the brand…

Silver linings…

We’ve been fortunate that COVID 19 hasn’t had a huge impact on us directly as we are an online business. With that being said, it has slowed a few things down like our next collection, but that is very small compared to how many other small and independent businesses have been affected.

5 things you can’t live without

  • COFFEE (We hear you Monika :))
  • Pickles
  • Potatoes
  • My puppy Chad
  • And our Napier Shirt – I wear mine too much.

Favourite Hills & West piece

It would have to be the Shopper Tote – it is the ultimate ‘go to’ bag. I love its sleek design and can imagine it being my everyday staple bag. Did I mention it looks perfect paired with the Napier shirt too?

Sanserié is a label woven with recycled thread and natural materials such as linen and pearl. All materials are sourced directly from small family run businesses and local manufacturers. By supporting Sanserie, you are supporting ethical and sustainable production.

Thanks so much Monika for sharing your story and being true to Australian made. We love your pieces!

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They currently have 24 designers instore (so lots to choose from), including Arms of Eve, Aura Studios, Baz, Boehm Intimates, Chloe Mottau, Cedar & Onyx, Covet Shoes, Contessa Volpi, Everyday Cashmere, Hills & West, Honour Apparel, Hunter Made, Isabelle Quinn, Keevil, Love Isabelle, Miss Lippy, Ms Kensington, Recreation Beauty, Sarah J Curtis, Subtle Bodies, Susan Driver, Twill & Tee, Rae26, and Raie Eyewear

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