Jasmine Alexa | Timeless elegance for the modern active woman | Melbourne Label

Jasmine Alexa | Timeless elegance for the modern active woman | Melbourne Label

Timeless active-leisurewear for the modern woman, inspiring you to move with ease, confidence and in these uncertain times, at your own pace.

Today we introduce you to the Melbourne active wear label, Jasmine Alexa. Jasmine has a gorgeous mission, even more amazing than making beautiful, comfortable, sustainable and ethical clothing, Jasmine wants women to feel their best both inside and out. With a focus on the mental health and wellbeing benefits of mindful movement, inspired by dressing with ease and confidence through all elements of life, Jasmine brings together a lifestyle that is as sustainable and conscious as her clothing.

Meet Jasmine

I have always loved creating clothes, even as a little girl I remember sitting with my Mum when she would sew, and I would take the fabric scraps and make outfits for my dolls. I loved the process – of having an idea and seeing it come to life. Clothing is such a personal thing. We all unknowingly have an intimate relationship with our clothes. It’s a way we express ourselves, of how we want to be perceived, a reflection of how we are feeling of our status or our culture. Clothes are so much more than just clothes. They are part of our identity. This obsession of mine lead me into becoming a fashion designer, and now recently, a design teacher too where I can give back and share my knowledge with students. 

Jasmine Alexa story

I have always been a tomboy at heart and live a very active lifestyle however back in 2014 I found that I was becoming frustrated with what was on the sportswear market. Everything was performance specific with a very athletic aesthetic. I couldn’t find pieces that were elegant and could keep up with my active lifestyle. I wanted garments that would easily take me from the studio to the street, and most importantly elegant and comfortable. That’s where Jasmine Alexa started, with the aim to create timeless active-leisurewear for the modern women, inspiring them to move with ease and confidence through all elements of life. Jasmine Alexa is more than just a brand though. We are all about community! Whilst physical wellbeing is at the core of everything we do, so is mental wellbeing. That’s why we created ‘This is me.’ A platform focused around encouraging women to feel their best from the inside out and start the important conversations about women’s mental health. 

Why Australian made?

This has been a no brainer for me since day one. Not only am I able to support the local industry, it also ensures ethically produced pieces and allows me to be very hands on with the manufacturing process. I am able to be involved with every step and ensure the quality and craftsmanship is of the highest standard.  

What’s next?

Whilst Jasmine Alexa is born and bred here in Australia, we are getting a lot of demand from overseas, namely the UK, the USA and the Middle East. We are planning to expand to these regions. We also working on refining and improving our sustainability and ethical practices. Currently 80% of our range is made from sustainable sources, however we are aiming to have 100% by 2021. 


I could write a novel about all the people and brands that inspire me! For me, those who inspire me the most are those who always stay true to themselves, who put people before profit and those who have the best intentions with everything they do. 


I have learnt that it is okay not to have all the answers. That learning and growing is part of the process and having a strong support network is vital. 

What would you share with your younger self before you started?

Always trust your gut and stay true to yourself and your values. 

COVID and any silver linings

It took me a few weeks to get my head around the situation and come to terms with it. I have now realised that there have been so many silver linings that have come out of this challenging situation. The ability to slow down and have more time to work on the things I want to. I have ticked so many items off my to-do list that have been on there for months (even years). I have also been able to connect with other small business owners and likeminded people and in turn we have being able to share ideas, collaborate and support one another.  Without Covid these connections would not have happened. 

What’s next for fashion

The industry has been flipped on its head! The fashion industry has long been due for a change and Covid has been the catalyst for this change to finally happen. With movements like ‘Rewiring Fashion’ to surface during this time, as well as luxury brands moving to seasonless collections, the industry is finally slowing down. I hope that this change is permanent, that the industry as a whole can learn from this experience and implement more sustainable practices industry wide. The customer is also becoming increasingly savvy and putting their hard earned money with businesses that are making those changes. 

Favourite Hills & West piece

Definitely the Lunar Max! Love how you can mix and match the top fold and the straps to make it your own no matter the season or the occasion.  

Thanks Jasmine for sharing your story and welcoming us into your world. We are such big believers in movement and exercise being key to a happy and healthy life both mentally and physically. We love your ‘At Home’ series and training videos, we really encourage everyone for follow and enjoy on Instagram and Facebook.

Please do support our Melbourne friends as this is really the time, more than ever that we should come together.

Big love,

Aisha xox

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