Micky In The Van | Magical storytelling | Melbourne

Micky In The Van | Magical storytelling | Melbourne

While in lockdown we have been chatting, and creating (see our Style’s By You beauty later on), with a fabulous friend of ours, Estelle, stylist and founder of Micky In The Van.

Estelle is a visual storyteller and her imagery and wearable art take you on magical, very fabulous (can I use fabulous more than twice in one para 😉 journeys.

Trained as a milliner, Estelle is a very unique and talented designer and fashion illustrator (check out @the.bespoke.illustrator). She also shares a visual diary to inspire others on the power of owning their own style @theestellereport. Estelle is pure joy and we look forward to introducing you to Estelle’s colourful world!

“Micky In The Van. a label that has a story to tell, my story, my team’s story and the wearer’s story.”

Meet Estelle

I’m forever curious and I live in a constant sense of wonder. My husband seems to think I spend more time roaming through dreamy clouds but I’m a creative, we see life through different dimensions, our senses are a little more heightened. I live for my craft, it’s what propels me to seek absolute which I think will take a lifetime to chase!

The journey of Micky In the Van

In 2012 I launched Micky In The Van. I finally returned to my fashion design roots after a twenty-year hiatus. I was disappointed by what I was seeing come out of Australia by local designers who were calling themselves designers, yet their fundamental knowledge of garment construction and textiles was almost juvenile! There’s more to just designing a pretty little dress and using cheap polyesters made in Bali! 

I owned The Estelle Store at this time and realised the only way I could honour my integrity and respect my clients would be to design pieces myself to sell in my store (which prided itself in championing beautiful, locally made products) so I created Micky In The Van.

Micky In The Van is all about interpretation and translation.

As a designer, I give the wearer the tools to champion and showcase their own unique style through my designs. 

The Estelle Report and The Bespoke Illustrator

The Estelle Report started off as visual diary but along the way it became a platform to inspire others. I’m on a personal quest to educate people the power and relevance of owning our own style with conviction. 

The Bespoke Illustrator was created after I had my son, Ace. Let’s just say I wasn’t a great new mum so looked towards my artwork as a form of healing and therapy. I began posting my work on Instagram and it wasn’t long before I had people contacting me asking to buy my work. I majored in fashion illustrator whilst studying fashion design but stopped drawing because life got in the way! I thank my beautiful son for showing me the way back. Fashion illustration is now part of my working life and has given me incredible opportunities to do commissioned work for some esteemed humans and companies and I was even flown over to Doha to do live illustrations at a royal wedding. 

What’s next?

I don’t have plans with certain dates on my timeline, it’s just one, very vivid, and specific life goal which is to be recognised and respected for my craft. I have dedicated my entire working life to it so I’d like to receive this acknowledgment in return.  

COVID’s silver linings

I’ve been trying to look at the positives through the hysteria of the coronavirus and what has been interesting to see is the growing awareness and understanding of how vital it is to support local.

Sure, we’ve been talking about this for some time (supporting local trade) but when we’re confronted with limitations and accessibility amidst the eye of this storm, our appreciation for what we have locally is deepened. So, in an interesting turn of events, business is flourishing. 


Christian Lacroix hands down are my major inspiration (his work from the ’90s… gasp) along with Mary Katrantzou and Richard Quinn.

Iconic looks you love

Iconic looks would be Versace campaigns from the 90’s, Lacroix runway shows from the 90’s, George Michael’s video clip for Too Funky!  

5 things you can’t live without

Adidas track pants, ankle boots, red lipstick, oversized hoop earrings and wedges (as in the potato kind not the shoe kind!)

Favourite Hills & West piece?

Without a doubt my custom made Half Moon bag! Aside from the fact that it’s made locally and beautifully, I love that it’s an eye catching, show stopping piece! I’m of the ‘go big or go home’ kind! 

Catch a glimpse of Estelle’s stunning new collection, Modern Antiquities, below.

You also have the opportunity to join her for a live Q&A, Sunday the 22nd. DM Estelle on Insta to get an exclusive link.

Sending loads of love to everyone in Melbourne and please do check out Micky In the Van online & Insta. Also, check out The Estelle Report & The Bespoken Illustrator to see Estelle’s visual diary and beautiful illustration.

Thanks Estelle for sharing and can’t wait to see your next creations.

Aisha xox

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