Benson & Morgan – Q&A

Benson & Morgan – Q&A


I love this quote.

Even more so, the guys behind Benson and Morgan, who stylishly sport this quote on their site and recently included our Morgan Business Folio in one of their shoots.

Benson and Morgan, is an online destination for everything fashion, travel and food related. Created by two guys on the Central Coast near Sydney, they pride themselves on bringing new and innovative brands to the forefront of the industry, and collaborating and growing businesses.

I reached out to the guys, especially as I thought the ‘Morgan Collection’ would suite their super slick and polished aesthetic, and was bowled over by how switched on and lovely they were. Keep an eye out as we have some exciting collabs coming up.

A little about…

The story behind Benson and Morgan.

We have always had a passion for the fashion industry and everything that it entails and it was a logical step for us to integrate all aspects of what we love into one place to share with the world.

What motivates them.

When you love what you do and this creates a very simple recipe for motivation. We wake up in the morning and the first thing on our mind is Benson and Morgan (actually maybe food but then a close second). It’s always a hard thing to stay ahead of the curve and to stand out, however we have found a unique line between photography flare and our passions to give something unexpected, with a distinctive contrast of fresh and classicism.

A day in the life of the Benson & Morgan team.

Our social media dictates our life, quite literally; therefore it’s quite obvious it’s the first thing on our agenda each day. Once we get our morning fix we usually move onto future product shoots, brainstorming and collaborations that aim at sparking interest in our viewers. This part is always exciting, coming up with new and epic ways we can showcase products and outfits. This often leads us to locations that are a bit out of the ordinary and we love that.

Part of our day is also dedicated to the writing aspect of Benson and Morgan. We have a small team that solely consists of this and it usually takes up the best part of the day. But trust me, we can always find time to squeeze in some waves somewhere in the day haha.

Their style icons.

Our favourites include Frank Gallucci, Pharrell Williams and Justin O’Shea.

Their most important lesson to date.

‘You can never expect anything to happen overnight’. We get asked it a lot, how do you get to where you are or how did you get so many people interested in your page. The answer is simple, put in the hard work and the results will show.

What’s next.

We have a big year ahead. We have a few trips planned around the world to capture both the essence of fashion and the impact that a cultural reference has on these images. Its exciting times for us as we begin to really settle in on what we love and how we can portray it.

Getting personal…

Favourite website, blogger and Instagram account.

Our favourite website would have to be GQ, blogger is Mr. Boy/Almond Tang and Instagram account would be mrporterlive.

Three items are on their wish list.

Pair of Andrew McDonald Shoes
Double-breasted suit jacket
Grey felt snooker table
Favourite fashion, travel or food ‘experience.

When travelling around Rome with a group of friends, dinnertime always played one of the most important roll (we love our food). We had gone to a lot of generic places in a lot of touristy areas and thought that we had been experiencing the culture. It wasn’t until this one particular night we spotted a hidden restaurant, well out of the way of mainstream life, that wasn’t trying to be over the top or obvious in any way. We decided to take a chance and head in. It was here that we truly experienced the beauty and culture of the town and learned a valuable lesson about travelling, that true culture is experienced where no one else is watching.

5 things on the bucket list.

Tianzi Mountains in China
New York Fashion Week
Cherry blossoms of Japan
Make a difference in someone’s life
Featured in GQ
Something not many people know about.

I grew up in a Christian home, going to church every week and can honestly say that it has taught me values that I could never have learnt anywhere else.

Last and totally self-serving, how would you describe the Morgan Business Folio?

The leather used is amazing! Very stylish, versatile and something we can see as a day to day item for anyone wanting to add that bit of pzaz to their outfit.

Check out their site and prepare to get lost for hours on their Insta @bensonandmorgan

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