Hills & West joins The First Thread community of emerging designers

Hills & West joins The First Thread community of emerging designers

Starting a new accessory label is not an easy feat. Not even when you are as passionate as I am.

You have the upfront investment with your time; brand design and development, website development, content creation, sampling, product photography, merchandising, look books; materials such as leather and hardware and then there is the largest expense – the cost of having the first range hand made by talented artisans.

Only then, once you have invested your savings and after about six months of your time does the sales cycle start. Of course the effort starts earlier, when you are building the brand, however the returns do not come in until your first sale. This was when I was introduced to The First Thread.

Even though I have been very lucky with ongoing support of my friends, who are the Morgan Collection’s biggest advocates, I recognised I needed additional, experienced, industry support to take me to the next level. When I asked around, and researched I came across The First Thread.

The First Thread was created to provide emerging Australian designers with a much needed helping hand to promote and grow their labels while, most importantly, selling their collections.

Breaking the traditional conventions of the retail model, The First Thread uniquely curates and allows the designers to have direct access and exposure to their customers whilst at the same time providing them with the means to continue to produce incredible work. By creating an environment that puts the designers in control, they are empowered to grow and manage their brands in a positive and supportive way.

I am thrilled to join The First Thread’s community of Australian, emerging designers. The team there appreciates quality craftsmanship and design, and support new designers on this often-challenging journey.

In just over a year The First Thread is already working working with incredibly talented emerging designers including Alex + Eliza, Anthony Allars, Carena West, Cleonie Swimwear, Danae, Elliot Label, Jessica Tovey, Nylons, Pheonix Keating, Pizzuto, Sarah J Curtis, St Agni and Toby Maclean, with many more labels to be added over the coming months.

I am very excited that my products will be live on the site this Saturday. I really want to give as many people as possible the opportunity to have the highest quality products at the competitive prices. I can only do this by selling online. Offering much lower margins online, you do miss on potential people stumbling across my products in a store and feeling the quality. However, I know with my passion and the support of businesses like The First Thread I can get my collection out there and start to build the brand.

I 100% believe in the strength of partnerships and collaborations. When there is a perfect synergy the impact is compounded, and I look forward to working with other creatives to continue to grow my dream of luxury, beautifully crafted, lifestyle accessories, at attainable prices.

I will continue to share the message that when you wear a Morgan, not only do you have the confidence that it will be durable and make your everyday that little bit more functional, you will feel that little bit special as each piece is timeless and of the highest quality.

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