The Classy Lad │Meet Dapper Gent Hamza

The Classy Lad │Meet Dapper Gent Hamza

When launching the Gentleman’s Essentials Collection last year, I was obsessively stalking Instagram for stylish mens’ accessory inspiration (does anyone else get lost in an Insta hole?).

When I scrolled across The Classy Lad, I was impressed with the abundance of dapper styling inspo, from suiting to accessories, and when he reached out about my new collection, I was pretty chuffed. Instantly there was a mutual appreciation and before we knew it we were planning a shoot.

“Every person is their own brand, and to be successful in life, you need to be able to present your brand at the highest standards all the time.”

The Classy lad

Meet Hamza, the Brisbane based personal stylist and fashion blogger behind The Classy Lad, who is inspiring gents with his sophisticated outfits and accessories. I love his ethos of dress like every day is a Sunday, so I decided to delve a little deeper and discover the backstory behind Hamza. Below we chat style tips, lifestyles, bucket lists, surviving through COVID-19 and much more.


A little bit about Hamza…

​I was born in Pakistan, grew up in Zimbabwe and have been living in Australia for the past 14 years. I did a dual degree in International Trade & Finance, and Accounting, and I am currently working as a Project Manager in the technology and business improvement space. I am a bit of a foodie so I love to dress well, go out and socialise with friends and family over new and exquisite food.

The Classy Lad

I used to always do my best to dress well but suits really came into the picture when I started working in the corporate sector. I used to go out and always get compliments about my outfits, so my friends suggested I do something about it, from there I decided to start an Instagram page.

A classy tip

The most important tip in being a classy lad is wearing clothes that fit well and are timeless, never go for bold and brash, always keep it simple and classy.


I have worked with brands like Dunhill, Suitopia, Acemark Shoes, Hills & West, Hockerty – What I loved most about these brands were that they started off through Instagram creating quality products and trying to establish themselves in the market, so it was like we were helping each other out, both with a common goal on building an image for ourselves, and felt we were on this journey together.

You travel a lot, what are your top 3 travel destinations and why?

Hahaha, I wish I travelled a lot, and there is still so much more travelling to do. I would say my top 3 destinations are:

  • London – the vibe of London, especially in the winter is very magical, and being a foodie in London is so easy
  • Barcelona – a city so rich in culture, you can’t help but fall in love with Gaudi’s architecture
  • Cape Town – one of the most beautiful cities I have been to especially when you have the view of the Table Mountains from practically anywhere in the city

Can’t live without

My family, my friends, gym, a hot shower and Nandos

The bucket list

  • Travel more
  • Compete in a half marathon
  • Start my own business
  • Go to a soccer world cup final
  • See Roger Federer play before he retires

If you could meet anyone in the world who would it be and what would you ask them?

Bill Gates – ask him what he envisions the world to be 20 years from now.

Tips to creating classy pics

You need a good outfit and try to get the angles right so what you are trying to shoot is prevalent in the shot.

A secret talent or passion…

Haha I can make a mean burger lol.

During COVID-19

I have been self-isolating at home for the past weeks. As a project manager, I do have the ability to work from home and remotely, however no going out to eat, no going to gym, no going to nice places for photoshoots, and definitely no traveling overseas. I was due to go to Los Angeles over the Easter break, but had to cancel. In saying that, our health comes first, and everything else can wait, so I would like to say, we all have plans, but plans change, and in this case we all need to change our plans for the greater good.

Iso tips?

Try and get out once a day for a walk or a run, and you definitely don’t need a gym to stay fit, so do bodyweight exercises. Eat clean, and maintain a routine to keep you busy. My daily routine is wake up and start working while taking regular breaks to just stretch and get some sunlight in my backyard. After work, I do some bodyweight exercises and go for a mini-run around the blocks in the evening catch up on my social media, while getting some good sleep.

Iso outfit suggestions

This is the best time to wear whatever you feel like wearing and no one will dare judge you, so be bold, be comfy, be flamboyant, or be classy, it doesn’t matter. It’s always hot in Brisbane so you will catch me in my favourite pair of shorts and a tee most of the time, with the occasional getting ready for a local photo shoot so I can continue to push new content for my followers, and it makes me feel good.

Last but not least…favourite H&W piece?

It has to be the duffle as it’s so versatile, I can take it to work, to the gym and when I am travelling.

Thanks so much Hamza for sharing your tips with us, please continue to inspire us! If you are after some sophisticated styling check out these tips:

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