Top Accessories for Frequent Travellers

Top Accessories for Frequent Travellers

We were very excited to see our Everyday Shopper and Luxe Mini Organiser as part of this collation of top accessories for frequent travellers in Surf4Travel.

I wanted to share the great tips from Karen Harvey, and she is absolutely right, we take our Everyday Shopper everywhere.

“I’ve spent a lot of time taking short trips and wondering what the solution to organisation and calm is. I’ve walked through airports eyeing up other people’s luggage, their shoulder bags and choice of clothing. I’ve wondered if they are doing it better than me, if they’ve found the answer to making things easy, to not fumbling and fussing over things. And then I’ve sat down and thought about the things that make my life that little bit easier.

In the hope that I can make your next trip a little bit easier too, I’ve put together a list of things that I find really useful – my top accessories for frequent travellers.

Hills and West everyday tote

You can’t go wrong with a sturdy tote, and this one is a delight to use. Not only can I swap it from a tote to a back-pack by switching the straps over, it also fits perfectly in my suitcase and flattens down neatly, when I need to not be told off for having a bag and a case. It’s also big enough to act on behalf of my case and carry my overnight items and laptop too.

Moleskin notebook

For me it has to have a soft cover, it has to be lined, and it has to come with me wherever I go. The soft cover easily folds so you can scribble away in the smallest of spaces (I tend to make notes on my fellow travellers) and it unfolds, like magic, with no creases at all.
I have a favourite pen too (it smells like grape scented erasers from my childhood!) which I carry with a couple of spares in a neat little Muji case.

Go Toobs

Weird name, but great product. I learnt my lesson after my shampoo was inspected at the airport and I never thought to check the cap before I slung the plastic bag back into my case and allowed it to jumble freely with everything else. Now I am wise. And my case still smells fruity.
These squeezy silicon tubes don’t leak, the lids go on well, and they are fitted with their own little rubber sucker for handy suction to smooth surfaces. Strangely awesome.

Wanderlust watch

I don’t want to rely on getting my phone out to check the time, I want the time on my arm, and I don’t want to be distracted by twitter notifications.
This ‘Williamsburg’ watch from Wanderlust makes me happy every time I look at it, it’s simple and effective, and that’s all I need. It’s easy to pull the winder out and change the hour to suit, and it’s just a pleasant, simple piece of design that says ‘calm’ to me!

Ring door bell and app

I suppose this might seem like the odd-one-out, a door bell, but wherever you are, as long as you can access the app, you can answer the door via the intercom, and see a little video of who’s there. It’s been brilliant to use, and fun too.
Who’d have thought watching back videos of us answering the door would bring such joy? You can also set it to alert you of motion. It’ll tell you if someone comes to your door but doesn’t ring the bell. We have a wonky wood pigeon who visits regularly.

Dresden glasses

I only need these for working on my laptop, but that means they still need to travel with me. Light weight and switch-up-able – the ultra durable frames are easily taken apart and rebuilt with different coloured parts, so you can alternate your look with as little effort. Zeiss lenses too.
Dresden are an Australian company that make uber cool glasses for super chic people. And then I went and got some too!

A neat little pouch

There are not enough pockets on my clothes, and this Mini Morgan Luxe Organiserfrom Hills and West provides the perfect hand-held home for my passport, papers, phone and money. Ideally, if I am in the right airport, it holds a packet of Wilhelmina Pepermunts too.


These Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses, are apparently for men, but it’s not affected me in any way! These simple dark glasses are the easiest to pack. They go with everything, they’re great for keeping the sun, and the wind out of your eyes, and they’re also great for sleeping behind on planes and any other given opportunity.

Large scarf

Of course, they say a cashmere wrap is the thing to carry (I’ve heard alpaca is better, but who I am to say?) but I’ve been taking this hand spun cotton Khadi scarf, from House of Wandering Silk, with me everywhere lately. It’s a scarf, a shawl, a blanket, a pillow, a place to hide… it’s ideal!

If you’ve got some super ideas to add, please (I mean please!) get in touch, let us know, help us build the mega list, save us all!”





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