Timeless, Elegant & Classic – My Milliner Shares Her Hat Crafting Story

Timeless, Elegant & Classic – My Milliner Shares Her Hat Crafting Story

While packing our perfect holiday accessories for Palm Springs, and getting our hatbox ready, I reached out to my favourite local hat founder and designer, Amelia Hughes, from My Milliner. I was very keen to hear what’s next in her journey and some gain some styling tips for the hot and cooler months.

Following we talk about the hat making process, her inspirations and what’s next for My Milliner.

A little about Amelia…

I grew up in Canberra and relocated to Sydney for university. Living in Bondi, I am immersed in beach culture which inspired my foray into hat making. I am a big fan of minimalist design and have a deep appreciation for natural, quality materials.

“Travel is an important part of my life and I always make sure my next trip is in view – whether it be for work or play. I fused these passions together when I founded My Milliner.”

The My Milliner story

I had difficulty finding high quality millinery at an accessible price point and set out to bridge the gap between disposable fast fashion and overpriced luxury headwear. Initially we also made specialty derby hats and headpieces but have since found our niche in sun hats.

Best sellers

Our ‘Classic’ hats have been really popular. This style is functional yet refined with a beautiful panama weave- ideal for everyday wear.

Classic, My Milliner Hat



I am forever inspired by the vast natural beauty of our local area, Bondi Beach. I love the clean lines of the iconic ‘Bondi Icebergs’ and how it integrates with nature and the surrounding oceanscape. The neutral colour palette and design of our hats reflects this organic, effortless feel.

Professionally, I am inspired by anyone who dares to act on their dreams.

Seasonal Hat


My Milliner in 3 words

Timeless, Elegant, Classic.

The craft of making hats

The whole process can take up to a week from start to finish. Our panama and rice straw hats are all woven by hand. Our wool hats are also handmade and are finished using techniques including soaking, moulding, steaming and ironing.

We use fair-trade organic plant fibres, 100% Australian wool, and the bands are made from genuine leather.


Over the last year we have been developing our personalised range in response to demand for unisex hats with customisable design elements. Our aim was to create versatile staple pieces that can be worn throughout the seasons.

Our new-look website allows customers to select a hat style and size, choose their band colour and add monogrammed letters.

Each hat is handmade, and the bands are made from 100% genuine leather.

5 things you can’t live without

  1. Family & friends

  2. My dogs Nelly & Natey

  3. Travel

  4. Sunshine

  5. A hat!

Zenith Ha

One thing you would do for the world…

In the realm of fashion, it would be to encourage a move towards ‘slow fashion’ and sustainability. The current ‘fast fashion’ trend is alarming when you consider the environmental cost. As consumers we need to ensure we purchase materials and fibres that are biodegradable and invest in key staple pieces versus disposable trends.

We are in total agreeance with you Amelia. We need to really ask the question of where does our fashion come from and what is the true cost.

I too am a lover of hats and always ask the question of where they have come from.

On the left see a little slide show I my recent trip to America and the many ways they complimented my outfit and activity. Love Love Love.

We hope you enjoyed reading another founder story from a locally made Bondi Beach brand.

I was very grateful for our hats on our recent tour… as that desert sun and 40 degrees was scorching. We especially loved our personalised AHM, for Aisha Hillary-Morgan.

Check out My Milliner for their gorgeous accessories, they’re a wardrobe essential

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