The Style Doctor Sharing Trends & Tips to Style Success

The Style Doctor Sharing Trends & Tips to Style Success

Stop self-diagnosing with your wardrobe worries, and turn to the experts! The Style Doctor experts that is.

We always love sharing the fabulous people we meet, whilst hopefully imparting some wonderful words of wisdom and inspiration, and this no exception. Last year, at a lunch hosted by the Palmaira Sandals Australia ladies, I was sitting next to the gorgeous Kash, who’s style was impeccable and her responses to my endless questions were filled with wonderful nuggets of advice. So, I thought it high time I introduced you to the Head Style Doctor, Kash O’Hara, stylist, presenter and influencer.

The Style Doctor recognises that in a world of throwaway fashion and mammoth shopping malls, going shopping can be intimidating and stressful. Kash has gathered a team of sartorial specialists ready to treat your fashion woes and bring you a wealth of knowledge in clothing fit, quality, design and trends. They have worked across the globe, from Canada to China, US to the UK, Hong Kong and London; and here to share their style tips from their many years in the business.

We wanted to give you a little sneak peek into some style secrets to get you into tip top style health. Here Kash shares with you the five wardrobe fails, some season trends (hint it involves double bagging) and the inspiration behind being a little MAD 🙂

Meet Kash…

I am a Sydney based fashion stylist and owner of The Style Doctor. The Style Doctor offers personal styling and shopping experiences, wardrobe audits and virtual styling for clients that can’t make it to Sydney. I also dress clients for events and have a large client base who go to the races. We also offer photoshoot styling services, corporate styling, runway styling, celebrity styling and we run styling events and style workshops at Westfield and with corporate companies. Another part of the business is Fashion reporting at Fashion Week, The Races and Fashion events.

I am also a Mum to two beautiful children, Charlotte aged 8 and Max aged 6 who appear on my instagram feed from time to time as #thestylenurses.

I set up The Style Doctor in 2014. My vision was to offer style medicine to our style patients so that they look and feel amazing. Anyone can look stylish no matter their age, colouring, body shape and size and I wanted to create a business that proves this and helps people. I wanted to create a full styling service for men and women so that they would learn about the best colours and styles to suit their body shape and colouring and show them where to shop within their budget and to suit their lifestyle.


The Style Doctor Team

We have a team of stylists and I also have photographers, hair stylists and make up artists who make up the Style Doctor team. They are all fabulous because they are passionate about what they do, they have a creative eye and they always make the client look and feel amazing.

3 Big Fashion Week Takeaways

1.  The biggest trend this season that I’m sure the Hills and West customers will love is double bagging. 

What that means is people are wearing 2 bags. They might wear a belt bag and a tote or handbag, or they might wear a back pack and carry a clutch. It was a huge trend on the runway but more so on the street with a lot of bloggers doing the double bag.

2. It’s OK to wear flat shoes. 

Flat shoes and sneakers are so on trend at the moment and were used to style looks on the runway at Fashion Week. I would say about 80% of attendees were in flat shoes which makes total sense with all the walking between shows.

3. Pink is the hottest colour trend for Resort 20. 

Pink was a strong colour on the street and on the runway.

5 Common Wardrobe Mistakes

1. Buying the wrong colours that do nothing to complement your skin tone. 

A lot of people buy colours that either wash them out or do nothing for them and when I show them their best colours they can see their best features really shine. They look so much better and a lot more confident in the right colours.

2. Buying trends when it doesn’t suit your body shape. 

I say it to all my clients, only follow the trends that suit your shape. So many people fall into the trap of buying something because it’s the it look of the season but it’s not always the right shape, cut, colour, fabric or style for them.

3. Holding on to pieces that no longer fit you or are really outdated. 

I once did a wardrobe audit for a client who had moved countries and moved 5 times since living in Australia and was still holding onto jeans that she hadn’t worn in over 20 years. Holding on to pieces like this only takes up space in your wardrobe. You should do a wardrobe cleanse every year and if you haven’t worn something in the year there is usually a reason why and it might be time to donate it to charity, or sell it if it’s worth money and in good condition.

4. Not keeping order in their wardrobe. 

I tell my clients to work out a system that works for them. I like to keep all my tops together, skirts together, pants together, jackets and blazers together, dresses together etc so I know where things are and I can find them quickly and easily. I’ve done a lot of wardrobe audits where people throw things in their wardrobe and it gets hidden under everything and they forgot they even had it. By keeping order, it will make getting ready a lot easier but it will also stop you from buying the same or similar item in your wardrobe that you forgot you had. So it saves money.

5. When the shoe doesn’t fit

Buying things when they’re on sale that’s too small thinking they will lose weight or too big thinking they will take it in but they often get busy and forget about it. Almost every wardrobe audit I have ever done has had pieces in their wardrobe with tags.  It’s not a bargain if you never wear it.

My team all inspire me.  I am so lucky I work with great women who are so dedicated and so hardworking.
My Grandma who actually passed away 2 years ago still continues to inspire me. She lost her husband in World War II while she was pregnant with her first and only son, my Dad. She wanted to provide for my Dad so she went back to University and studied Law and was one of the first female lawyers in NSW. She always taught me that in order to succeed I had to be a little bit MAD (Motivated, Applicated and Dedicated) and that I could achieve anything I put my mind to. She overcame so many obstacles and was an inspiring woman and an inspiring person and I was so lucky to have her in my life for so long.

One Look To Wear For The Rest Of Your Life
I would choose a great tailored suit because you can dress it up with heels or wear it casually with a T shirt and sneakers.

Style Tips For…
Spring races – have a fabulous hat and wear colour. Make sure your hat is straw, sinnamay, or metallic (not wool or felt) and have fun with your look.

Races in winter – Choose a felt, wool or leather hat.  I do a trend report each season so have a look at my blog and see what the latest trends are and what milliners are creating what. I also advise clients to choose a style and make sure the hat and the accessories tie in. For example, is it a feminine and pretty look or an edgier more modern look?

Fashion Week – anything goes! Fashion week is one week of the year that if you have the confidence to wear it, then go for it!

Work – I always advise clients to have a great tailored suit, preferably a 3 piece suit with pants, a skirt and a jacket so you can mix and match pieces. If you have a beautiful tailored suit in a nice fabric, you will always look stylish.

Five Things You Can’t Live Without…

1. My kids

2. My family especially my Mum

3. Creativity and passion

4. Fashion

5. Ice cream

Bonus question, what is your favourite Hills & West piece and why?

The Lunar Max bag because it’s so versatile and can be styled different ways.


Thanks Kash so much for all your wonderful advice and tips.

I am bringing out my pink bags in dual force, with my favourite tailored suit and feeling fabulous.

We will check in again soon to see what other fabulous style tips you can share from your next Style Report.

Big love xox


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