Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Welcome to Hill & West’s first ‘Fabulous Five’ for the fortnight…

Here we share some of our must read blogs, fashions tips & lifestyle recommendations that we think are pretty inspirational. Let us know what you think or have any of your own recommendations!

  • Lifestyle: Ethical Fashion Reading List


    This is great read for anyone new to sustainability and really wants to educate themselves on the benefits of being aware of small changes, that make for more eco friendly, big impacts. This has a great list of books (even some easy Netflix suggestions for those that prefer this kind of info absorption).

    “I have had so many people tell me that watching this has completely changed the way they shop for clothes.”

  •   Fashion For Her: How To: Build The Perfect Transseasonal Wardrobe


    Sick of trying to keep up with the latest fashion trends?

    Well this chick just answered your prays. Here’s a quick read on fashion tips and staple outfits that are timeless for all year round!

    “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: good basics are worth their weight in…”read more

  • Fashion For Him: There’s Never Been a Better Time for Men’s Bags


    As we are currently making of our new mens collection what could be more relevant then this read right here. Find out why and where top designers are getting their inspiration from and how the male bag has evolved.

    “Other men’s houses are innovating entirely on their own wavelength, regardless of what’s happening on the women’s side.”

  • Sustainability: Self-Sufficient Living &’ Skincare At Saarinen Organics


    Looking to be inspired by the wonders of mother nature, here’s a fabulous story about a NSW family who live a self sufficient lifestyle off their own farm and have started a organic skincare line.

    “An extraordinary example of self-sufficient living in our modern world.” 

    “Then when Gemma was six-months-old she got eczema…So I made an ointment for her and it worked beautifully.”

  • Beautiful Morning Reads: Fayun


    The perfect little morning read of a bloggers time living in Manhattan’s winter. Her poetic small tales take you on a little journey as if you were right there with her.

    “ensconced in a robe, hair tendril-ed about my face from a blind and silent hour in a steam room, tongue burnt on my favourite 铁观音 (tiě guān yīn) tea…”

We hope you are inspired by these fabulous finds and they get you in touch with your inner artist.

Plenty more of our top recommendeds coming, we can’t wait so share more soon!

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