Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

We’re back with this fortnight with five more of our favourite reads and recommendations.

This weekend snuggle up with a warm drink, in a comfy corner, and get ready for some content and stories to get you inspired.

Lifestyle: Looking for a new adventure?

Getaways in autumn are our favourite and we know many do the classic Airbnb experience but heres a new one we’re excited to share.

Riparide has a plethora of choice when it comes to incredible accommodation from rustic caravans, hideaway cottages, glamping tents, love shacks, (you name it they have it) but also shares real life stories and photos of the adventures written by the customer themselves. These experience look so fantastic you’ll be dying to book one instantly and start packing your bags! A Hills & West Weekender Bag of course 😉

Here’s a favourite story of ours!

“The wraparound deck overlooking the tranquil lake was perfect for our mid-morning cook ups, or a chill afternoon beer with a book…it was the perfect escape from the hustle.”

Japanese Zen Retreat, Victoria


Sustainability: Looking for new sneakers?

We love our sneakers (comfort is very important to the H&W team) and if you are in need of new ones but finding everyone has the same pair… heres some new kicks, with an 80s twist, who are also making a difference at the same time.

Wado, an ethical Portuguese sneaker brand, plants two trees for every pair of shoes they sell! So far they have 30.868 trees planted!

“The shoes are made out of Chromium-free leather, which helps to avoid the dangerous effects of this toxic product on the shoe-makers and also on the environment…In addition, this action also generates employment and food resources.”

“The rate of deforestation equals to loss of 20 football fields every minute”

Wado, 80s ethical sneakers


Did you know?: The power of colours

Sneak peak! We’re looking at launching new colours to our collection and heres a little intriguing general knowledge we came across when doing our research. We though you might like to know about the power of colours and why they came about in certain periods in history.

“Before this, violence had been a ‘whale of a problem’…but over the next 156 days there wasn’t a single incident”

“Baker-Miller Pink could sap the strength out of even the toughest man”

Fashion: Easter outfit

Need something new to spice up your wardrobe this Easter. Why not support a local Australian brand while you’re at it. Florence is womens Label made from 100% linen and is 100% locally made in Sydney, Australia. We definitly have our eye on some of these staple pieces and we know you will too!

Home: Interior makeover

Since Hills & West is on the move we’re looking for new inspiring interiors for our new office and of course we had to share. You’ll just fall in love with these mid-century modern interiors and 9 other styles that’ll have you painting and redecorating your own house in no time.

“The good news is the embrace of natural textiles will work across so many styles and looks, from Hamptons to boho, to French country, to Scandi, and just about every other style in between.”

We hope we got you inspired for autumn. Can’t wait to share more reads with you next fortnight!

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