Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Welcome back to our Fortnightly Favourite Five reads, and in this editon we’re on the topic of sustainability; at home, in fashion and inspiring stories of artists that keep us motivated here at Hills and West.

We hope you enjoy them and take something wonderful away with you.

Sustainability: Who’s keeping up!: The catalyst of transparency in fashion

Obviously customer demands are changing in the clothing industry, who’s keeping up to date with the Millennials for transparency and eco friendly fashion. Not only that but what brands you’ve least expected are being forced to shift their approach to meet their new market demands and how?

According to the Pulse Fashion industry report 2018, 10% of the brands are still not involved in sustainability but for those who are, they show a stronger engagement with 66% of brands applying 5 sustainable initiatives (+11 points from 2017).

Fashion: The ‘buy local’ movement comes to fashion

Buying and making local is a big value of Hills & West and we love how the fashion community is appreciating this even more and how labels are now meeting the demands of customers on quality rather then quantity.

A further read we found on the power of sustainable fashion and how the fashion industry is adjusting and adapting to meet customer demands, learning how its not all about money anymore but the realisation of who’s willing to pay more for locally made produce and why. Also insightful to learn the further benefits of why domestically made clothes are more beneficial.

The North Face built a marketing campaign around its Backyard collection, featuring apparel made with fibres grown within 150 miles of its headquarters, which drew more social media attention than any other product the US company has ever sold.

“The farther you get from your manufacturing, the more room for error and the less room for collaboration,” says Wendt

Home: Recycled Timber Home

An inspiring story by an Australian artist who built his dreams and career into his own home, and of course the house was built from recycled timber. Have a peak though his gorgeous cottage and studio in Walkerville and feel as inspired as we are!

His art explores the concepts of home, memory, belonging and drift.  ‘Blurred images in my paintings evoke the transitory nature of personal experiences, the passage of time, and the ever-changing relationship to one’s past.,’ he explains. Photo – courtesy of the artist.

Inspiration: Art from nature’s beating heart

A beautiful read reminding us of why we do what we do and how hearing stories of like minded people motivate our work. Artist Catriona Pollard, who I actually know from my tech days, shares her refreshing story on her sustainable sculptures, reminding us that we are surrounded by beautiful nature, which we mistake as garbage.

“I develop works that offer glimpses of shapeshifting nature forms, form unnoticed branches, leaves and seedpods into stunning works that celebrate the abundance of nature.”

Home: Eco friendly homeware

Because we are revamping the new studio and on a roll with the topic of sustainability we though its appropriate to share our sneaking bible to good sustainable and eco friendly furniture and home living. Of course we love our vintage but we promise its nothing tacky. Furniture that’s unique and one of a kind of course, some even have a wonderful story to tell. The one of kind pieces range from scandinavian rugs, 50s tables, Ethiopian throws, the choices are endless. So why buy ordinary furniture!

Thanks for sticking with our fortnightly reads, we hope you like our focus on sustainability.

Lets us know your thoughts in the comments below and until the next fortnight we can’t wait to share more of what we find.

Big love 🙂

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