Not just a Black Tote

Not just a Black Tote

The humble Tote has been a staple in the wardrobes of men and women since its inception into the fashion world as L.L. Bean’s Ice Bag in the 1940’s. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the Tote received a rather luxurious facelift when Bonnie Cashin for Coach evolved its utilitarian-plain canvas design by opting for leather and vibrant colours. This transformed the Tote from being a relevant necessity to stylish accessory.

For the past few years we have not seen anything quite as transformative for the Tote since the Céline, Luggage Collection or Louis Vuitton, Neverfull. However beautiful these bags are, there is still a gap in the spectrum for Totes. The spectrum for functionality, price accessibility and style. On the left-end are the Totes you would typically use the tote for carrying groceries, books and beach gear, on the right, you have your Totes made of high-end materials like leather, spectacularly designed, costing an arm and a leg and limited exclusively for fancy. We thought wouldn’t it be great if there were more that met both ends of the spectrum?

Please welcome our version of the functional, stylishly accessible Hills & West, Not just a black Tote. Designed with the stylish commuter in mind and perfectly sized to look after your whole agenda from desk to weekend (especially when our work welcomingly merges into our weekend). Made from gorgeous quality leather using traditional artisan handmade techniques. The bag features a main compartment that fits your laptop and an internal pocket perfectly sized for quick access to your most important items. Hills & West loves to give you options, so we have five different straps to choose from: black gross grain, black Italian textured leather, black cowhide, gold and silver. Choose a Tote, that totally suits your personal style.
With its high-quality, versatile, perfectly understated and simple design the Not just a black Tote is an accessible, unisex modernist-classic tote that can be used in any season and occasion, wether you’re at work or play on the weekend.

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