Meet Hayley, Sustainability and Design Lover

Meet Hayley, Sustainability and Design Lover

We’re very excited to introduce you to our newest member of the team, Hayley. As a designer and ‘will do anything’ intern for the last few months, we just love having her around and we decided together she had to join the team. She approached us after seeing Hills & West in our pop-up in The Rocks, and her love for design, sustainable fashion and her many funny stories is going to be an awesome addition to the family.

So, here’s Hayley’s story and some of her passions. Welcome fabulous lady!


A little about Hayley…

Well I’m currently still a Design Student at UNSW, passionate about sustainable design and I have a urge to make a difference in what I create.

When I grow up I hope it be running my own business, making a difference and creating a community that’s passionate about designing for a smarter future, whether that’s in product design or property development (because I’m also passionate about heritage buildings and preserving history).

Why Hills & West…

As much as I claim to have a love for sustainability I also have a weakness for quality leathers, so one day strolling through The Rocks stores I walked into the Australian Designer Collective boutique. Instantly I was drawn to the Hills & West gorgeous leathers bags. Added them on Instagram and found out all the benefits of this brand, being Australian made and designed, I was instantly obsessed. That’s when I knew I had to get in contact with the Aisha herself to learn more and hope I could be apart of her team.

I just love coming into work for Aisha, she’s an absolute ball to spend time with, she’s also very inspiring to be work amongst. Hearing everything she’s achieved in life and all her fabulous talents, she’s the pinnacle boss women, I don’t think there is anything she can’t do…Its not purely because of her dog or anything…ahah

5 things you can’t live without…

Five top things I can’t live without would be coffee, music, a pen and paper to doodle and my girlfriends for a goss sesh!

Who inspires you…

My favourite inspiration and fashion influencer would be Josefine H.j. who is a Danish fashion icon and businesswomen. Her style is simplistic and timeless yet also daring.

Lillian Scott Is a huge inspiration of mine too, as much as I love to be classic I also have a side that craves to be wild, weird and quirky which Lillian reminds me to always be (I think so does Aisha #stangerforever). Lillian’s not only a fashion inspiration but also a travel blogger who inspired a lot of my travels around Europe, her blogs are also a great read.

5 things on your bucket list…

Five things on my bucket list are

  • Live in Europe for at least a year of my life
  • Design my own clothing at one point
  • Get more Tattoos
  • Take on film photography
  • Do volunteer work in another country and try clean up pollution

Secret talent?

I can unintentionally imitate the way people talk. haha

Sketching people


Favourite H&W bag…

Ahh so hard to deicide and just pick ONE!!

OK I’m so torn you have no idea but I’m going to have to go with the Morgan 3 in 1. At my age I’m always looking for a bag that’s will be useful for both University, work, also the gym or I’m just on the go. So a bag that’s going fit a lot of stuff easily and be can versatile. On top of that looking fabulous of course! This bag also stand out and looks different from every one elses, yet its timeless and contemporary. Ahh and don’t get me started on the leather…Just feel the quality of this bag, its like butter. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

If you could change one thing in the world…

Oh definitely single use waste products, god I wish single use plastic was never invested.

Any sustainability tips…

Of course I’m no expert, its very hard to practice what you preach in every aspect of life, but of course some simple tips I’ve adopted.

Always bring a Keepcup with you to avoid single use packaged coffee cups ( a bonus becuase some cafes will give you a 50c discount when you do). Also invest a great water bottle to avoid buying plastic water bottles!

Avoid shopping in big department stored like Westfield, David jones and Myer. Majority of these brands support fast fashion and avoiding them resists the temptation. Try venturing to support boutiques and shop online. Do some research to see where your clothes are made and by who, you’ll find comport knowing your supporting small business too. Or have some fun with it and check out some second hand vintage stores and markets (Glebe markets), I’ve found some amazing treasures myself! Even check out apps like Depop or outfit hire business (The Only Dress Hire), you’ll also save yourself the coin too!

Most importantly buy quality staples, whilst they might be more expensive they save you trying to keep up with new season wears and they’ll last you years, not to mention also save you buying cheap clothes that don’t last long!

What would you like to see H&W do next…

Wishful thinking but I would love to see Hills & West do leather Jackets, and Leather Skirts, because I’m just a sucker for timeless, beautifully made staples and I think Aisha would just nail it!

Paris, France 2018

London, England 2018

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