Making an Everyday Bag Extraordinary – Our Everyday Shopper is BACK

Making an Everyday Bag Extraordinary – Our Everyday Shopper is BACK

So excited to have the shopper BACK in stock and fulfilling pre-orders!

As you must know by now, at Hills & West our motto is to make the lives of busy people easier without sacrificing style for functionality.

One of our defining features as a brand is our loyalty to our customers and ability to take on feedback to improve and re-produce some of your favourite pieces.

Our Everyday Shopper 3 – Way – one of our best sellers, was no exception to this.

After our latest production round sold out and the emails requests came flooding in asking when they were coming back, we did some brainstorming and asked some of our fabulous customers how we could make one of your favourite pieces even better.

In true Hills & West fashion, the Everyday Shopper’s detachable straps can be worn many ways for a versatile minimalist look. Whatever your load allows you. This is a key feature of the bag which received in all respects, phenomenal feedback. However, we are sticklers for perfection. You talked and we listened.

We are pleased to introduce to you our newly minimally modified and improved Everyday Shopper. This shopper has more length in its core handles so you may carry it around your shoulders with ease. As well as longer detachable straps to sit at your side with more comfort and movability. The original was beautifully handmade from 100% soft cowhide premium leather. The new Everyday Shopper is made from an even more luxe Italian leather, with an even more structured build for added durability.

We know we all love to overload our bags. We can’t help it. Now your bag can help you take that extra load with a little bit more ease.

The new and improved Everyday Shopper will be the best accessory at hand for anyone who is looking for that perfect desk to dinner, or week to weekend, carry companion. The stylish carryall you can rely on, everyday.

Available now at $359.00 AUD


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