Lunar New Year | The Year of the Rat | Let the Celebrations Commence!

Lunar New Year | The Year of the Rat | Let the Celebrations Commence!

2020’s Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the first in the 12-year Chinese calendar cycle, the Year of the Rat.


2019 marked the Year of the Pig, the last animal on the Chinese zodiac.


For those who can’t help but look ahead, in 2021, the second in the cycle is the Year of the Ox.


The rodent is commonly viewed as being symbolic of intelligence and quick-witticism, as demonstrated in a popular story told as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. According to the myth, the Jade Emperor organised a race for a group of animals on his birthday and as legend goes, the rat was able to hitch a ride on the back of the ox, jumping off at the finish line in order to win first place and be named the first animal in the cycle.

The Travel China Guide further illustrates that those born in the Year of the Rat are known for being adaptable, observant and stubborn.


I was born in the year of the Horse, it’s said that its Element is Fire (Huo), symbolic of enthusiasm and energy.


Would you like to know what Chinese Zodiac you are?

This Saturday, 25 January, many will be celebrating the first day of the Chinese New Year. You may know it by its other names; the Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year. The festivities run over a fortnight, culminating with the Lantern Festival, which begins on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Saturday the 8 February 2020.

The Rat in Fashion

Can rats be luxury fashion?

“With Chinese consumers spending more than a trillion yuan ($150 billion) across the holiday week last year, there’s ample motivation to indulge the novelty once more. But 2020 poses a new quandary for Europe’s great fashion houses: The Year of the Rat.”

I would say rats are quite a tough sell…. Especially after the outbreak of leptospirosis in Sydney last year, spread by rats being displaced due to all the building works. Leptospirosis can be fatal in humans if not treated, and in many cases in 2019 was fatal to dogs. As there are still cases of plague across the world, Rats have an especially troublesome reputation.

So how are the fashion houses tackling this year’s icon?

“ Burberry’s accompanying clothes and accessories are either ostensibly rat-free, or rather obscure poor Ratberry’s face, hiding her away in the brand’s now pervasive monogram.”

Read more on fashion’s Chinese New Year quandary here, thanks to CNN.

Here’s another article which talks to the opportunities around the Year of the Rat and how retailers and brands can get the most out of this Chinese New Year.

Celebrate in Red

In 2019 we launched the Lunar New Year with the first release from our Lunar Collection. We hope that in 2020, you continue to enjoy our Lunar Bags, in addition to our Lunar Mini Wristlet and NEW Crescent Clutch and made-to-order Half Moon Clutch.


The Crescent Clutch is upcyled from the cuttings of the leather carved from the inside of our Lunar Bags, ensuring we use every piece of leather in the bag making process. Currently limited in to the number of Lunar Bags we create, pieces are limited and flying off the shelf.

White Red Clutch Bag

The Lunar Collection was inspired by symmetry, geometry and architecture. And inspired by the moon that continuously changes from full-to-new.

Available in crimson red, full moon white, and eclipse black, as-well as a mix-or-match array of colour ways.

If you are interested in reading more about Lunar New Year and the Chinese zodiac year of 2019, read some our findings and tips here.

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

Big love.

A xox

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