Loving your leather goods

Loving your leather goods

At Hills & West we select the best quality skins to create the perfect pieces. All our products are made from high quality leather, sheepskin, nappa and pigskin, right her in Australia using artisanal techniques. This makes each piece unique. As the appearance of these skins change due to time and exposure, we wanted to give you some tips so your pieces can age beautifully.

As more and more people appreciate where goods are coming from and that they are carefully and thoughtfully produced, I want to make sure that your pieces age as gracefully as you. They may change in appearance from the day you bought them, but it will still look and feel just as good.

Following is a little list of care tips and tricks in the event of an accident… or a wine, baby bottle, makeup, or any spill, as they do always happen.


    • Treat to prevent future stains. Apply leather protector to prevent water spots and stains
    • Avoid anything with wax or silicone; it will clog the pores in the leather
    • Avoid oil or other fats as it will darken the skin
    • Avoid cleaning products with alcohol, turpentine or other mineral spirits as they will discolour and dry out skins
    • Avoid cleaners that leave grease or residue
    • If it gets dry use a leather cream or conditioner
    • Leather, suede and nappa stretch out but not back. Be mindful of what you pack in your accessory, overfill will distort the shape.


    • Remove dirt and dust by wiping with a damp and clean sponge dipped in lukewarm water
    • Remove any water residue with a soft cloth
    • Don’t use direct heat/dryer for water damage, let it air dry instead
    • Don’t use cleaning products as they can cause discolouration and dry out the leather. Use specialised leather cleaning products or take to a specialist
    • If leather gets dry use a leather cream or conditioner
    • Use a suede brush to clean dust off suede or ensure grain all goes in the same direction.


    • Keep away from heat and always store in a cool, dry place and / or in one of our dust bags
    • Ventilation is key
    • Never wrap it in plastic – leather is porous and always needs air.


    • Keep cosmetics inside a pouch as they will leak at one point
    • Cap all pens and anything that may leak, keep these in a small pencil case
    • For straps and chains, if you’re storing for a while, wrap in soft tissue paper. This is to ensure the leather does not rub together or mark.

We have created Hills & West pieces so they are durable and timeless. We hope you love and care for them as much as we do.

Big love.

We put immense care and consideration in selecting materials to make the most beautiful handcrafted accessories possible. We want all of our customers to get the most from their pieces. Hills & West was founded on the premise to make busy lives easier without having to sacrifice style. We hope we have made your lives easier with our care tips & tricks and that you love and care for your pieces as much as we love helping you.

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