International Stylist, Personal Shopper & Fashion Lover – Coco Louise

International Stylist, Personal Shopper & Fashion Lover – Coco Louise

I’d like to introduce you to the fabulous Coco Louise, who you may have already seen popping up in our social feeds. We met over 10 years ago when she was working at Zimmerman and we would talk fashion and building our creative empires, whilst having so many laughs. We would curate photoshoots, Coco styling and I would do the photography (I was also a photographer in a former life) and I am so proud to have seen all the amazing things she has built and I know you will be just as inspired.

Keep reading to hear more about what makes Coco such a successful and stylish business women and a sneak peak into some of her fashion tips all year round.

Who is Coco?

I am Coco Louise an international stylist, personal shopper and fashion trendsetter. I was born in Sydney and lived in Beirut Lebanon for 10 years where I completed High School. Based in beautiful Melbourne now!

As a person, I am extremely bubbly, I love a lot  (if there is such a thing) and I give from my heart! Hence, why it brings me such extreme joy and pleasure styling my clients and shopping for them.

“I give them that joyful feeling whilst looking fabulously stylish!”

 If I am not styling or shopping, I am talking trends and creating them on video or putting together unique looks for you to be inspired by and shop on my website, Youtube, IG and shopcast.

What is Madinat Coco Lousie?

Madinat Coco Louise, my precious baby! 🙂 If you are wondering what Madinat means, it means “ city” in arabic. So it is the “City of Coco Louise”. Where I bring culture, fashion and style together.

 “My platforms are all about bringing you style and inspiring you to get out of your comfort zone, trying new looks that can motivate you every single day!”

You can buy into what I put together and always reach out for any questions. Take it as though I am your online personal stylist and shopper!

Please share some styling tips?

Start your outfit planning by day. Think about how you are feeling today, what is your mood of the day? Do you feel feminine and pretty? Add a frill to your outfit, perhaps add a frilly blouse.

5 favourite designers and why? 

I always find this question hard, I am a Gemini and change my mind often. It always depends on each season and what the designers have to offer. I look at the collection and how I can relate to it. How it makes me feel.

For example, this year, Oscar De La Renta had a very unique twist to the norm. Oscar is known for exquisite gowns passing through the runway. This year, Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia brought culture to the vibe. Through their majestic collection, they showcased royal shades of mulbuerry red, white, emerald green, deep terracotta and shades of brown. I loved how sophisticated the looks where with gorgeous tailoring with menswear checks. I can talk about this forever, but I think you got my point.

As for other brands this season, I always adore Chanel, it will be interesting to see what Virgine Viard has for us next.

Fendi’s collection was deliciously stunning!! So refined and very lady like.

I love Victoria Beckham, always brings a touch of edge to the chicness. This is something I always relate to. Her collections are powerful yet, so sophisticated. Very versatile, wearable and can go from the office to dinner. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Valentino,so much love for Valentino. Ever since I was a little girl. I loved every detail, every fabric, every shade, especially their vibrant red. Always so dreamy with such intricate detailing. This season I am loving the dark romance theme and the capes that Pierpaolo Piccioli created.

5 things you could not live without?

 Such a hard question!!!

●     Sadly but true, my phone!

●     My Chanel Rouge Lipstick

●     A good pair of statement earrings

●     Rings! I have two special rings, one that was my grandmothers and one that was my mothers. They both are gold with sapphire. They are very dear to me.

5 things to pack for the following:

Summer holiday

●     The obvious swimsuit. Pack bathers that you know you love and feel fantastic in!

●     A maxi dress that can go from day to cocktail bar. Think lightweight, cotton & slits!

●     1 pair of sandals that can be worn with EVERYTHING

●     1 pair of wedged heels (if you know you will wear them for dinner or the cocktail bar)

●     Skincare! I take with me my Hyaluronic acid drinks. They are in little travel vials, so I know my skin stays hydrated while travelling. Its great stuff!
Winter holiday
●     A good leather backpack to wear everywhere!!! Hills & West of course.

●     Leather jacket, always a leather jacket

●     Leather gloves

●     My fedora felt hat

●     My thigh high boots, they go under and over everything and so warm!
Work trip

●     Again, a really good and durable bag, one that holds my little mac air and notebook.

●     A pair of heels that are super comfy, kitten heels.

●     My gym wear

●     A pair of pants, a jean or a skirt that I know I can dress up or down for any time of the day. Work – dinner

●     One button-down silk shirt & a t-shirt

 Here is an example of how to pack lightly and in style.


●     A pretty wallet, I actually use the gold purse from Hills & West

●     Lipstick, always lipstick, That can go from my lips to my cheeks to under my brow. Always touching up on colour.

●     My phone!

●     Perfume, important to smell nice all the time.

●     Hand cream! Hands speak your age, take care of them!

5 things on your bucket list?

●     Buying a house in Europe, so I can live 6 months there and 6 months here! 🙂

●     Travelling to a specific destination ( not sure where yet ) where I can give my time, my love and care to children in need.

●     Learning more about new cultures, lifestyles and their traditions and fashions. Involving that into my work and passion.

●     Head to the airport and spontaneously pick a new country to travel to.

●     Madinat Coco Louise, being the future of style and fashion. A big fashion house! ( Many goals for that dream )

Coco styling the Lunar bag

Who are some of the designers/clients you work with?

●     Hills and West 🙂

●     Bared shoes, best shoes to live in!!! Comfy and stylish

●     Lover the Label

●     Mastani the label

●     Country Road

●     Marcs

●     Kate sylvester

●     Leo & Lin

●     Manning Cartel

Lastly advice for anyone starting their own business?

Always believe in yourself. No matter what or who brings you down. You are the power of you! Be passionate and keep going…. Absorb everything you can along the way and never be afraid to ask for help!

We love you Coco and thanks for being part of the Hills & West family. You always style our pieces so beautifully and we can’t wait to see what you will do in future!

Do visit her website, Youtube, IG and shopcast, channels, there are so many amazing tips and ideas to keep you motivated with looking fabulous.

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