Five simple aspirations

Five simple aspirations

Do you set yourself goals or aspirations?

Last year it was a year of reflection and activating some of the dreams I had been putting off for so many years. This year, I have decided, is going to be a year of growth.

After a lot of reading, brainstorming and pondering, I’ve identified the key aspirations that I believe will help steer me in the right direction.

1. Quality over quantity

This is one of the values of Hills & West; however, I definitely think this is something that needs to be reflected in all we do. Simplify, detach and declutter. Less is always more.

2. Energy management

Forget time management, now it’s all about energy management. This is the year of no beating around the bush and straight to the point as honesty is the best policy. No flogging dead horses. If the synergy and energy is not mutual then the effort is not worth it.

 3. Connect, the old school way

More airtime, face-to-face time and less email. When I worked on customer engagement at Sainsbury’s in the UK, Justin King, the big boss at the time, had a wonderful policy of no-email Wednesdays and no-meeting Fridays. Love this and am taking this into my routine. I am going to try no-email Wednesdays and Fridays. Let’s see how it goes. If anything is urgent then people can call… and then I am encouraging aspiration number two.

4. Be brave

And trust my gut. My instincts are often strong and too often I ignore them due to fear, doubt and the wonderful habit of women – questioning every scenario. I am going to dream big, listen to my gut and make things happen.

5. Master the art of giving

I want to do this in so many different ways. I have dreams to help the Rainbow Children Home increase their capacity to over 60 children, provide Goma with the confidence she needs to put them all through school and help with some of their rural community initiatives.  All it takes is about 5k and they are well on their way.

If I can grow, just a little, with the above five, I will be pretty content.

What are the five things that would make your life more meaningful?

Stuck for ideas, check out my 5 harsh truths from 2015 and see if any resonate.



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