Fine Art Photographer & Educator – Setting Sights on Enlightening the World

Fine Art Photographer & Educator – Setting Sights on Enlightening the World

Amelia Soegijono is a beautiful soul with a mission to use her photography as a vehicle to tell the much needed stories of the world and make it a better place.

Amelia and I met in March at the Queen Hood event and instantly connected about wanting to capture all life’s special moments, our mutual love for interior design, the sadness we felt about the suffering of children in so many places in the world and both our desires to help these children in need. I instantly wanted to share her story and asked if I could interview her. Before I knew it Amelia was driving from Dural with a box full of pastries and we were chatting, planning shoots in Paris and working out how we could collaborate to raise money for the different charities we are so passionate about.

Here are some of her stories, learnings and dreams.

A little about Amelia Soegijono…

I am a fine art photographer and educator.  My style is whimsical, timeless and ethereal. I photograph a small number of beautiful weddings both in Australia and Europe, heartfelt lifestyle projects, humanitarian work and also commercial branding shoots.  I also host photography workshops in Australia and overseas.  Whatever I do, I do them with tenderness and a grateful heart.

Amelia’s photography journey

I started off as a little 11-year-old fashion photographer using mom’s film camera, dressing my sister up and creating hilarious look books!  Fast forward many years later I started a degree in Photography.  I was educated in RMIT (Melbourne) and Parsons (NYC).

Gosh where do I start?

Over the years I have worked with the kindest and most beautiful brides and grooms—couples, some of whom have become my closest friends.  I have partnered with charities who advocate for orphans and vulnerable children from the dusty streets of East Timor, Bali, Surabaya and recently a charity that supports women facing unplanned pregnancy – Diamond Women’s support.   A few weeks ago, I get to meet a beautiful little darling, Carrera, who has a rare form of genetic disorder Mitochondria Leigh’s Disease and told her story.

On the commercial side of things, I have photographed campaigns for Australian Brands such as Supre, Forcast for a number of years and some of our wedding industry’s most beautiful brands.  I have lost count of the number of weddings, families and people whose stories I fondly unfolded.  While I fail to keep track of numbers, every face is engraved within my hearts.

This year I have been very fortunate to have some beautiful opportunities, those that I barely even had the courage to dream about a few years ago.  In a few weeks, I am heading off to Italy to photograph a beautiful love story, then I will be photographing a few beautiful projects in Paris and what excites me the most is that I get to host my first photography workshop in Paris! To say that I am humbled is beyond words, that there are fellow women dream chasers who are trusting me to be a part of their success and fulfilment journey.

Style and inspirations

Ethereal, Romantic and Timeless.

Creatives like you, dream chasers and world changers, especially women truly inspires me!

*Awe shucks Amelia 🙂

Your big WHY…

I believe in the power of visuals and photography to create impact.  I have a deep desire for children to all have an opportunity to learn and reach their dreams and purpose, especially the vulnerable ones.  My hope is that I will be able to use my art to mobilise the good in people and inspire people’s desire to be a part of the solution through creating events and exhibitions to raise awareness and bring forth tangible solutions!

5 things you can’t live without?

  1. Cuddles from my children and husband, they are my absolute why. He is overseas and I feel like a huge part of me is missing.

  2. My tribe—where I share my deepest vulnerabilities and biggest dreams, they are my fellow princess warriors when it comes to chasing purpose

  3. My phone because I think I gave birth to my brains when I gave birth to my babies, so I rely on it so much to get organised ha!

  4. The kitchen, I love cooking for the people I love the most!

  5. A good set of manicured nails.  In my hectic and crazy life and adventures, when I see my littlest toenails looking tidy, I feel like everything will be okay

5 things on your bucket list…

(not in any particular order)

  1. Go on mission work with my children when they are older (maybe to Nepal with Aisha, ha!)

  2. Photograph Nicole Kidman (she appeared in my dream once years ago, I was photographing her and I can’t shake that image off my head)

  3. Meet Michelle Obama, her wisdom has mentored me

  4. Raise 1 million dollars for a children charity

  5. Speak French

What’s your next adventure?

I have always been inspired by ‘happy spaces’ and over the years my husband and I have teamed to create some of them for us and for our businesses.  I am so excited that this year I will get to be a part of the Coco Republic Interior Decorating Class! I am excited to see what doors will open.  My husband is in the property industry.  He has been my backbone to get me to where I am working for a dream job, it is my turn to support him to create spaces that are inspiring and will bring happiness for the people they will home

Making the world a brighter place…

I used to feel overwhelmed by the sadness in the world, but now I have learnt that we are all part of a solution, let’s make this world a brighter place, for you its one handbag at a time, for others its one pair of shoes at a time, for me its one workshop at a time.

Last but not least – what is your favourite H&W bag and why?


It’s my work bag, my nappy bag, my stylish bag, my backpack, my sling bag, my meeting bag, oh why did it take me so long to find you H&W?!  Aisha, thank you for leaving your full time job to create these amazing bags I will treasure for a long time xx

Ah, we adore you Amelia.

We can’t wait to hear about your travels and we will definitely be checking in to hear about all the wonderful things you do towards your mission.

Watch this space as I know there is more to come 🙂

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