An Apple Story…

An Apple Story…

There once was an apple happily perched on a tree…

The sun was shining and this juicy apple was getting ready for pressing. It knew that like its forefathers it would be made into a delicious juice to be enjoyed by many a family together.

What this apple did not know, was that humans had become a lot more environmentally conscious. Humans were reviewing their environmental footprint, wastage and upcycling processes. They had been innovating, trialling, testing and crafting the by-product of similar apples into a material that could be used to replace previously more harmful materials.

What the apple did not know, was that its usually unused components would be rescued from landfill and would be pressed into a material that would travel to Surry Hills to be crafted into a product that could be used by all.

So, the Apple asked “tell me more about this process” as it was starting to get curious.

We began to explain how vegan apple leather was a new, eco-friendly material that offers a quality, more animal friendly, alternative to leather.

That it is formed by upcycling previously discarded fruit fibres, pressed into a durable material with the classic aesthetic of natural leather. It is eco-friendly, equally as durable, easy to clean and resulting in feasible alternative that is both stylish and practical.

The material was created to re-purpose the food remnants of the country’s apple orchard and juicing industries, and to answer a global call for an alternative to natural leather. The manufacturing process combines upcycled fruit fibre (apple cores and peels) with polymers to create a biopolymer material that is vegan, eco-friendly, more sustainable and durable.

Also, did you know, apple, mushroom, cactus and mango are increasingly being used to create sustainable vegan leather substitutes.

We also told the happy apple that in Sydney it would be made into a product that would be used for years to come, making human’s lives easier and more stylish.

Lastly, when the apple would arrive at its final home, one tree would be planted to help create more happy trees, helping to reforest Australia and create more homes for Australian animals by a wonderful company called One Tree Planted.

And so, with a smile on its face, the apple was excited to start its conscious luxury journey and become part of the Hills & West family.

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