10 Simple Steps to Happiness in 2022

10 Simple Steps to Happiness in 2022

We believe in the transformative power of thought, decluttering, purposeful styling and design. Also a little bit of fun in everyday life.

We are also huge lovers of minimalism for functionality and setting yourself up for success through easy habits that make life more enjoyable. We are all about paired-back, not cut-off.

Creating a home and a routine that promotes daily satisfaction, ease and moments of joy is 100% our goal. Here are some of our daily actions that helps us feel a little less anxious and less stressed every day.

1. Let there be light

Human well-being is linked to light so open those blinds and curtains every day. Even better, don’t close the curtains at night at all. Waking up with the sunrise is a beautiful way to start the day and helps our greenery flourish and provide us with even healthier oxygen to fill our lungs as we sleep.

2. Music is the answer

A good tune can uplift any bad mood or poor night’s sleep. Play just one favourite song while you get ready and see how your day changes. Baroque music has been proven to aid memory and learning, so if you read or journal start the day with some Bach and get that brain absorbing. 

3. A beautifully made bed

It’s well-known that making your bed is one of the key habits that kicks-off a productive day. I personally do this every morning with my hubby (he will cringe at me for saying this) as a little routine and we discuss the day’s plans.

Adding seasonal throws and cushions gives your bed life, I love brights for spring and lovely autumn tones for the cooler months, and also makes the bedroom seasonally inspiring, springing out of bed in summer or snuggling in bed for the colder morning (this is personal of course as I know there are cushion and throw layering naysayers out there).

4. A quick declutter – kitchen and living space

It’s harder to think clearly and set yourself up for the day when your home is filled with excess stuff. One of the easiest ways to keep your home tidy is to get into the habit of keeping surfaces clear regularly.

While it’s tempting to lay your face masks and keys on the table, having designated spaces for these things prevents the frantic scramble when you go out looking for your keys or another mask. Reclaim your space and create that peaceful, ordered retreat where everything has a place.

5. What’s your little bit of joy?

Begin each day with a moment of joy. It has a rippling effect that will cascade into the rest of your day.

For me it is a cup of coffee in bed with my hubby and puppy. For others it could be a cuddle with their children, sitting in their favourite room with that morning cuppa, looking at some inspirational holiday destinations, exercise, this is totally personal and unique to you. Starting your day with just 15 minutes of joy will make a world of difference.

We are all so time poor but making the effort has such an exponential impact… please please please try and find the time.

6. Meditate even if it feels odd

Meditating has improved my life immensly. As someone with a million ideas, projects and whose mind looks like the harbour bridge fireworks on New Year’s Eve, meditation has helped me to refocus every day. A good friend of mine described it as a toothbrush for the mind, it is like mental hygiene, a way to close all the open tabs in our mind and open ourselves up for new and more positive experiences.

To meditate, set aside some time where you can sit in a quiet part of your home (your zen place) and focus on your breath. There are apps such as Headspace to help you on your meditation journey. By taking a few minutes and stepping out of your thoughts and emotions, you can reduce stress and anxiety, making you a happier person.

7. One achievable task

Someone once told me that setting one attainable goal a day sets you up for the next items on your to-do list. I’ve been doing this for the last 7 years when I have been juggling lots of different projects, and it works.

I am a bit of a nerd… I can’t help it but with my love for declutter and minimalism comes organisation and planning. So, on Sunday nights I create a to-do list on my whiteboard that is divided into days. I have a key activity to complete, as well as some wishlist items (which are often not as much of a priority). When I complete my achievable task (like writing this blog), I then treat myself with a cup of tea and cookie (I am obsessed with digestives with dark chocolate). While enjoying my reward I think of what to do next with a positive mindset. It does really help.

8. The two-minute rule to stop procrastinating

Have you heard of the two-minute rule? Coined by David Allen in Getting Things Done, the two-minute rule premise is that “If an action will take less than two minutes, it should be done at the moment it’s defined.” So if that light bulb needs changing or that dishwasher needs emptying, do it as it makes you feel much better and you are starting a very good habit. Read more here.

This solution is also good for someone who feels overwhelmed by a to-do list or an inbox that’s overflowing with emails. If it will only take two minutes, just do it. It might not solve your problem completely but if you can get rid of some small tasks, and you’ll feel more on top of things.

9. As fresh as a daisy

Did you know that smell is the sense that is most closely related to memory? Have you ever smelled a fragrance that reminded you of someone or someplace?

Filling your house with scents that recall happy memories is certain to raise your spirits. Candles are a great source of ambiance and provide warmth to your space. Don’t just save it for a special occasion.

When I feel stuck in a rut, I light lavender-scented candles and breathe in their aroma. It’s amazing what this little trick does for my state of mind and it makes me think about all the people in my life and how much I love them.

10. Good Vibrations – a bit of woo woo but it works

Gratitude makes a big difference. You can simply add some key triggers around the house that help you focus on what you’re grateful for, which can dramatically increase your happiness.

You can create a gratitude wall with pic and a list of a few things every day, things such as  your health, your job, your family, partner, puppy or even a good cup of coffee; bringing attention to the good things in your life is so important.

I am grateful that I can do what I love every day and that I can make people happy by bringing their dreams to life. It has not been an easy journey but that makes it even more rewarding.

If there’s one thing we’ve discovered in the the turmoil of recent years, it’s the importance of our homes, the inner sanctums of our lives and that we can only control our own actions, not that of anyone or anything around us. We have had to shift, adapt and although we think we must work harder, there are ways to make life easier, less cluttered and overwhelming.

Simple steps everyday help us reach calm and happy sooner and in a much more consistent way.

So this week look at your routine and see if you can integrate any of the above tips in.

We would love to hear what your top tips are!

Leave me a comment below or join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have an idea that might help others, why not write about it?

Let’s make 2022 the year of joy and light.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely week!

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