Our Fortnightly Favourite Five Includes…

Welcome back to our Fortnightly Favourite Five, we hope you enjoy these gems including winter fashion, relaxation retreats, home designs and some of Sydney’s art galleries to inspire. Everything to keep you entertained in the cooler months.

1.Fashion – Minimalist tips, the art of layering

Winters fashion is our favourite and so is layering! If you are saying ‘here here’ then we have the perfect blog to help you to layer this winter. No need to go out and buy a new wardrobe, remember clean lines, going sophisticated and classic are key. Whether its with coats, scarves and knits, and your key accessories of course, here are some looks to get you layering with confidence.

“Dressing head-to-toe in one color (or slightly different shades) can usually only work with different textures and fabrics that add depth and dimension to the clothes. Otherwise it can look too flat or overwhelming. Try mixing heavier and softer textures, like wool, silk, cotton, leather, or insert a different texture as the mid-layer.”

2.Homeware – A happy home starts with your dream interiors

We’re always looking for new pieces to brighten up our studio and whilst prepping for our upcoming Palm Springs getaway (we are so excited to explore all the interiors and architecture as we know they are going to be next level), we discovered Alan Walsh, an art deco artist with a fabulous story. His paintings are internationally famous and his inspiration springs from his childhood in a place you’d never expect.

Alan Walsh is a dapper Yorkshireman and internationally acclaimed artist who continues ‘to blow doors right off’ with his use of light and primary colours. His style is accessible, vivaciousness and brings a certain vibrancy to any canvas.”


3. Travel- Escape the stress and retreat

We love a good Eat, Pray, Love holiday at Hills & West, so if that sounds like something you’re in need of this coming break we found the perfect read for you. It definitely made us want a getaway.

Lux-Nomade had created ‘The 12 Wellness Holidays to Transform your Life’. They have planned the perfect retreats from personal recommendations, so you’re guaranteed results whether it be a health, fitness or complete relaxation getaway. Have a read through and plan your next well deserved break.

“At Santani, technology is banned in public areas, so that you immediately see and feel the difference the moment you step in…. activities including yoga and meditation sessions, active adventures, guided nature hikes and mountain biking…decluttering your mental space, cleanse your body”

Sri Lanka

4. TravelRecommendations in Johannesburg

We’ve been discovering South Africa and we thought we would give you a little taste of our research into Johannesburg. Heres a good read we found by Francesca Lynagh on the must eat, see, stay and play. Oh we can’t wait! Hipster joints, museums, outside cinemas, walks and African cuisines! Till we return with our stories heres a little taste of what to come.

“For a unique experience head downtown and fine the kooky cinema called Bioscope which screens independent films…the seats are car seats, beer and pizza are on offer throughout the movie…The Soweto Wine Festival is a weekend event offering the chance to try the county’s best wine, sample gourmet food and enjoy the performance of local bands in one of the most vibrant areas of Johannesburg”

5. Lifestyle – Sydney art shows this May

We know its getting chilli to go out and about but don’t worry we’ve found a list of Art shows to keep you cultured throughout the rest of May. Moving pieces by artists all over have come to Sydney displaying their finest soul moving designs you don’t want to miss. From traditional fused contemporary Chinese performance, 2019 Archibald Prize and quant little art galleries in Paddington, walk away this May with a thirst for artistic flavour or… handful of soil.

“He returns to Paddington’s Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery with more intimate portraits of models caught between puberty and adolescence. Don’t miss the Sydney Art Quartet perform a dreamy response to his exhibition live in the gallery across two nights”

Tessa Mackay, “Through the looking glass”


Hope you enjoyed our latest reads. Let us know if you visit any of the fabulous galleries and stay tuned for more travel updates from us. We can’t wait to share some more adventures with you!

Big love.

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