Little Lenny has joined the Chevron family

Little Lenny has joined the Chevron family

We are excited to announce the brand new addition to the Chevron collection, our little Lenny.

Lenny was developed with the intent to be the perfect hands-free accessory to carry your essentials. Whether you’re attending a music festival, hitting the dance floor, walking your dog (a twice a day occurrence for me), or just going for a leisurely stroll, the little Lenny has got you covered.

We adopted the soft navy Nappa accents for a rich aesthetic and the collections signature golden interior to brighten your day. For easy accessibility, the bag features a magnetic Chevron fold.

The belt is made from smooth durable calf leather and gold sheepskin and can be worn two ways. Either with the black leather as your feature or gold to add a bit more flare to your ensemble. For easy size adjustability, the belt features three golden mushrooms that come in S/M and M/L sizes.

The belt itself is very soft, carrying the bag over the shoulder or fitting it as a cross body can easily be done if this is more to your taste. Typical to the Hills & West aesthetic, the bag features minimally placed golden logos on the belt and under the Chevron fold.

Depth: 3cm  | Height: 11cm | Width: 17cm

Belt: S/M or M/L sizes Width: 2cm

You can’t resist at $249

We hope you love it. Lenny has already become a staple to our wardrobes 🙂

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