The Pursuit of Happiness in the Home the Hills & West Way

With our love for the beautiful, luxurious, practical and making people happy, it’s no surprise that Hills & West has recently added an interior decorations arm to the business.

Two years ago Hills & West Home was created to extend our lifestyle accessories beyond fashion into home accessories. We wanted to make unique pieces that added some luxury furnishings and fulfilled all our values of quality and Australian made.

Last year, founder and creative director, Aisha Hillary-Morgan completed the Coco Republic interior decorations course and knew this was her calling.

Always advising friends and colleagues on how to decorate their homes, Hills & West are now making it official, with the kick off of two projects in the UK with friend Roz, under the banner of Hills & West Renovations in 2019.

Hills & West Interior Decoration and Styling Services – Making your house into a home following our philosophy of quality and craftsmanship, function and form, attainable luxury and creating a story that brings you joy.

Reach out to aisha @ if you would like a touch of Hills & West luxury in your Home. We have a wonderful network of partners, stylists and interior stores that we work with including Coco Republic of course.

5 ways to consciously shape your house into a home

1. Minimalism is Always on Trend

Sprinkling your home with a few beautiful, key pieces that are in harmony together guarantees that you would be inhabiting a calming space. These key pieces are to be the cornerstone of your home. By building your base with a neutral colour palate and then personalise through furnishing with colour accents. Have a mix of keeping things cozy and textured for the cooler months and light and bright as things warm up. The colours white, blue, grey and green are always safe as are a mix of organic and industrial materials. This will minimise your footprint and maximise your pleasure.

About 8 years ago I was in a master class with Danish chef, Rene Redzepi, who said when he crafted his dishes he would always try to source the ingredients from the same place. This would make the dish have a synergy and flavour that was powerful and totally unique.
I believe if you have pieces with a story, that someway tie together, it creates a beautiful energy in the space it lives.

2. Functional Beauty

Scandinavian design is a huge inspiration for me. Since the early 20th century, Scandinavians have been driven by an aesthetic marked with minimalism and functionality. You can’t go wrong with white on wood.
When you are next acquiring something for your home think whether the piece is functional, timeless and if that piece will round out and bring ioy to the way you use the space it will reside in.

3. De-cluttering is Cathartic

Is it time to assess the things in your life?

Possessions, although many are wonderful, can have the tendency to tie us down mentally and physically. De-cluttering can make you feel refreshed, opening your mind and outlook.
For someone who has had to move 6 times in the last 2 years, decluttering has become part of my everyday. Now, when I look around me, all pieces have a story, are timeless and bring me ioy. I have had to cull and be ruthless, but I am grateful because I love everything I have and don’t own anything without meaning. A great place to start is the wardrobe.
A space in itself needs to be thoughtful and considered. It can be beautiful without ornamentation or decoration. Maybe there is someone out there who needs it more, gifting in place of throwing away will give you a whole other sense of joy.
We are about to embark on our next move but have locked in 2 years so we are super excited to share our new space with you soon.

4. Buy Local

According to Smart Company, nine out of ten Aussie consumers prefer to buy locally made goods. Not only are we then supporting local producers, we can have a direct connection with the makers and know that the products are ethically sourced and made.
Buying something local, handmade, that is not often instant purchase gratification, can  have much greater long-term benefits.
My tip is to be curious and knowledgeable — always know where your fashion, interiors and food come from. It makes everything so much more enjoyable and delicious.

5. It’s all about balance

In the pleasant quest of trying to craft a balanced life, finding the right amount of conscious buying, slow design, and realism in what you can afford, is not about what you are not doing, ifs the baby steps towards what you can try to change.
In your pursuit of happiness, functional minimalism, a decluttered space and knowing what you eat and wear is ethical, all helps to minimise distraction and allow you to focus on your purpose — whatever it may be.
A beautifully designed space that inspires me to be c reative, sparks joy and enables me to think of whars ahead rather than distract, isdefinitely essential in the way I live in my home.

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